At IE Business School almost all of the classes employ the case method to drive the learning experience, also some professors frequently use other techniques, such as role-playing, multimedia applications, and online business simulations.

IE classes are very dynamic, and are not abstract or focused on theory; instead students learn concepts, tools and theoretical foundations of management through the examination of real companies in the real world. An example of this is the learning experience of our current International MBA student, Parisa Louie, during the Information Systems class. “The class was taught by Enrique Dans who happens to be quite a public figure… a successful blogger with nearly 40.000 active readers and a public profile on facebook that is being followed by nearly 20.000 fans who actively post comments on his page.” Parisa explains.

The day of the exam, Parisa changed her own perceptions of a typical exam as she actually  “had fun having an exam!!”  They had to analyze some questions about “an online company that was set up by two MBA alumnus from IE Business School” and submit their answers through an innovative and dynamic way.  Parisa comments in her blog post “Day 45, an unusual exam…”

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