During this year’s Wharton Global Consulting Practicum, five International MBA students from IE Business School and five from The Wharton School, worked together in order to develop a strategic plan for a Spanish company looking to enter or consolidate in the US market.

This year the companies in question were: ZINKIA (creator of the Pocoyó brand), INCOSA (engineering consultant) and EOLINCYL (wind turbine developer).

In January, the members of the Wharton team travelled to Madrid for a period of face-to-face meeting with IE students where they develop and present to the companies a consulting proposal. “From the learning perspective this is truly a unique experience and allows students to put into practice the tools they have acquired throughout their MBA. They have the opportunity to strengthen their network with Wharton students as they work together to develop a fully implementable market entry strategy.”  GCP faculty member Professor Nestor Miranda commented.

The project runs through May, during this time the consulting team works together virtually to conclude the project, and ends with a final presentation with students from IE travelling to the Wharton campus.

 “This is a real consulting role with a real client that has real needs. It was a roller-coaster experience I certainly will not forget as it was one of the best experiences from my time at IE.” Todd Lombardo, recent International MBA graduate and member of one of this year’s GCP teams.

Para conocer más acerca de esta Práctica de Consultoría Global con Wharton y de la experiencia de los estudiantes de IE Business school en este competitivo proyecto, visita el artículo “Pocoyó hace nuevos amigos en EEUU” publicado por el periódico Expansión.com

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  1. iguel

    As a prospective student looking into the International MBA, I have always wanted to know more about the day to day activities. This blog is a great way to share what is going on and definitely sheds some light into the overall experience. Congratulations!

  2. IMBAadmissions

    Thank you for your comment, feel free to comment on any of our posts!!

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