More and more students are looking to gain a greater global perspective and appreciation through our intensive one-year MBA that brings together over 70 nationalities in the classroom. Through small working groups, based on the practical case methodology approach, students are the focal point, learning from their differences and experiences stemming not only from their nationality, however also from various industries, functions, company size, academic background, etc. We also have one of the highest percentages of women in our programs, with 32% currently represented. All making for a truly diverse and transformational experience.

Santiago Iñiguez, dean of IE Business School, said in the article Asians see sense in European business schools, Straits Times, October 2010: “People are questioning the American model of shareholder’s value and are leaning towards the stakeholder’s values perspective, which favours responsibility over profitability. This is closer to the European model of business management.”

The European MBA has attracted international attention, American and Asian students are no exception, moving from the more traditional two-year MBA program to a one-year MBA surrounded by a more diverse student body. Today, almost 25% of IE’s students are from Asian countries. “Five years ago there was only one Singaporean student. This year there are eight.” says Santiago Iñiguez. The Chronicle of Higher Education looks into the appeal of the diverse one-year European programs.