Richard Barnard – Current student of the International MBA program Class of 2010 and Fellow student at IE Business School, writes about the importance of the language lessons during the International MBA program.

As an integral part of IE´s International MBA commitment to the ethos of “1 program, 2 languages, and a world of opportunities” all the students are encouraged to take advantage of the free language lessons offered by IE Business School. For the English track students there are Spanish lessons and for the Spanish track students English lessons.

 The language courses last for 7 months with classes once a week for 3 hours a time. The classes are taught by professionally qualified teachers from a renowned language school. Students are assessed prior to starting the course to judge their language level and then placed in a level-appropriate class. The course adheres to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) and thus provides students who complete a level with an internationally recognized language-level qualification.

 IE Business School strongly promotes these language lessons as an essential part of the International MBA experience.

 In the search for more diversity in the workplace what better way to achieve it than by learning another language. By doing so each student is not only improving their individual skills set and making themselves more attractive to future employers but also opening their own minds to the possibilities of a cross-cultural, bi-lingual career path.

 The uptake for the language lessons this year is impressive with the majority of eligible IMBA students (those who don’t already speak English and Spanish fluently) taking up the opportunity to further enhance their linguistic skills.

 To all my fellow IMBA students, I wish you Buena Suerte /Good Luck in your language classes!

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