Who is Guiri Guide? We are ‘partners’ of IE International MBA students and yet are independent professionals who find value in using our networks to get the best from a situation.  We created Guiri Guide to Madrid for the youthful expatriate providing a premium information source for relocating to Madrid with our personalized and interactive communication forum.

What are Guiris? Guiris are Foreigners (colloquially dubbed guiris, from the word guirigay meaning gibberish) in Spain. The word is unique to Spain only.

How did it all begin? It was as if one day we woke up finding ourselves in Madrid.  And within a matter of days we needed to get our lives up and running.  As with moving to any foreign country with a foreign language, we each ran into a few hiccups. However, along the way, we met each other and began to realize that Madrid is truly a great city; we all just require some knowledge on how to best maneuver about it.  So, together, we aimed to gather and share this knowledge.

Our goal is to keep you constantly updated with our ever-increasing insight and information, ultimately serving all your needs when moving to Madrid.

To learn more, go to the Guiri Guide to Madrid.

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