Last week on Thursday 25th of November, at our Serrano 105 courtyard, International MBA students from November 2009, April 2010 and November 2010 intakes celebrated a Thanksgiving dinner. This was another great opportunity of networking for all intakes and to get to know the American cuisine. “Unfortunately, when most people think about American cuisine, they conjure thoughts of just fast food: hamburgers (originating in Hamburg, Germany), hot dogs (or, frankfurters, from Frankfurt, Germany), or pizza (from Italy, obviously). These foods have just been borrowed (and improved upon!) from other cultures and do not speak to the cuisines that originated in the U.S., like the clam chowder in Boston, the soul food (“home cookin'”) from the South, or the regional battles concerning the best barbecue in the States.” says Justin Randall, current International MBA student, November 2009 intake.

Following the American tradition of giving to the less fortunate and in line with IE’s commitment with Social Responsibility, IE also hosted a donation giving food, clothing and personal items to organizations for the homeless. “Enter the annual tradition of Thanksgiving, a time to be thankful for the things we have – no gifts are exchanged, just time with family and friends with family-specific dishes made each year. Arguably, this is the most important American holiday. As the American students are away from their families during this special holiday, sharing it is an opportunity to share delicious recipes from home while showing thanks to their family away from home: other students.” Justin added.

We would like to thank you all students for participating in this event and being so generous!

For more information on events organized by Students’ Clubs click here.

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