The International MBA in Practice (IMBA in Practice) is an optional component of the one year intensive MBA Program available to a select group of students. In order to receive academic credit, students must undergo a selection process and comply with a 7 to 10 week minimum commitment in an organization of their choice. In specific instances, the Career Management Center may channel offers for internships, but ultimately students are expected to assume responsibility for seeking out opportunities that align with their objectives.

The IMBA in Practice may be carried out in any country or sector providing work permit issues do not pose any constraints. In said cases, the students are responsible for understanding their personal circumstances and securing necessary paperwork or permits depending on his/her nationality. At the end of the IMBA in Practice period, the Academic Department will evaluate students’ performance through a series of mandatory deliverables.

One example of IMBA in practice, is the Emzingo experience. IE started its partnership with the Emzingo Organization in 2010 by sending 8 MBA students to South Africa to work on 4 key projects. The students worked with local teams in impoverished/underdeveloped areas delivering projects with social impact to the local community.  These rewarding experiences helped the students gain greater self awareness, growing both personally and professionally. As the video shows, the students embraced this unique opportunity to experience working in South Africa, immerse themselves in the culture and make a positive contribution through business practices.  The Emzingo projects are professionally managed with clear objectives, enabling the students to apply their MBA skills in high impact environments.

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