Richard Barnard – Current student of the International MBA program Class of 2010 and Fellow student at IE Business School, writes about his experience of learning through teamwork.

The holidays are over and the International MBA continues apace. All students have been welcomed back with a series of mid-term exams and project assignment deadlines. It’s at times like this that you value the support of your fellow students, the bonds of friendship and respect that have developed over the past 2 months.

I’ve been deeply impressed by the manner in which we have all engaged in collaborative learning, teaming up in small groups for student-led tutorial sessions focused especially on the technical areas of Quantitative Analysis and Financial Accounting. Those students who have a strong comprehension in these areas are perfectly willing to share their skills, knowledge and experiences with their classmates. This has created a positive environment that has brought all the students closer, enhanced our mutual respect for each other and highlighted areas of expertise within the student cohort. To those students who have helped the many, we thank you all; your generosity and patience have been priceless. Here’s hoping we don’t go and depreciate our decision variables (!)

As students we are learning the lessons of the IMBA program, that teamwork and collaboration are vital to success. While not all of us are experts in Quantitative Analysis and Financial Accounting, as the International MBA program continues and the subject content broadens, undoubtedly there will be opportunities for all the individual students to provide support to the cohort in their areas of expertise.