According to Poets & Quants IE Business School professors Monika Hamori and David Bach are among the World’s best business professors under the age of 40.

David Bach, the Dean of Programs at IE Business School, is an expert in Political Science and teaches courses such as Business, Government and Society; Corporate Social Responsibility, Nonmarket Strategy and Business Ethics. Professor Bach’s classes are also considered to be very dynamic and one of the students’ favorites: “Prof. Bach’s class is a window to the complex world of businesses inside societies. Complicated situations caused by old fashioned political power games became a common language with the students using examples from the FIFA World Cup, computer simulations, and animation series, eventually changing my future managerial perceptions.”

Monika Hamori, who is currently a Human Resource Management professor at IE Business School, is also considered to be popular within the student body. “Monika has the rare capability to apply state-of-the-art e-learning tools in an efficient manner – and keep the excited (online) crowd under control. Her leadership is concise and transparent – a true HR management role model. The content of her strategic lectures was unmatched and very precious for us.”

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