In January 2011 IE Business School has been ranked 4th worldwide and 1st in Europe in the Webometrics – Ranking Web of World Business Schools.  The Webometrics Ranking measures the scientific activity on the web and the free access to scientific publications and other academic material in an electronic format using quantitative methods and applied indicators. IE’s position in this ranking is good proof of our commitment to research and new technologies. For additional information about Research at IE, please click here.  

2 thoughts on “IE Business School is ranked 4th by Webometrics Ranking

  1. Miriam

    Congrats to IE, one of the world’s top school in every ranking. Regarding the ranking of webometrics, there is a very interesting discussion with one of the creators of the ranking in the club mba forums. I suggest you to take a look and participate (it’s in Spanish though):

  2. That is highly impressive of IE Business school. I believe you can even do better in the subsequent rankings.

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