Richard Barnard – Current student of the International MBA program Class of 2010 and Fellow student at IE Business School, writes about his experience during Core Period 1 of 13 month, intensive program. 

IMBA Program – Long days and late nights, Core Period 1 draws to a close.

As Core Period 1 draws to a close the days are getting longer and the nights later. Project deadlines, presentations and revising for the final exams have taken over our IMBA student lives.

As promised when the IMBA began, the programme has taken off with regard to workload. Deadlines are converging and with exams starting this week it is now common place to have classes all day, followed by work group meetings into the late evening, and then onto the library for late night study group sessions sometimes through until the library closes at 3am. Surviving on 4hrs sleep is becoming an art form, if not a necessity.

In sync with the workload the learning experience has accelerated. A vast quantity of information is being provided which we have to absorb and process “on the run”, learning the skills of assimilating information at high speed.

In addition to the academic work the IMBA students have enjoyed visits from Director-level representatives of Google Europe and Paramount Pictures Europe. The talks they gave have highlighted the dynamic corporate world that awaits us upon completion of our course. The speakers also reinforced the belief that we are on the right track, enhancing our professional skills in a diverse environment where the expectations of success in all that we do are sky-high. It’s always good to have some reassurance when times are getting tough.

The week ahead for me: Information Systems graded presentation on Tuesday; Marketing Fundamentals mid-term graded presentation on Wednesday; Organizational Behavior final exam on Thursday and to finish off the week in style I have my Quantitative Analysis final exam on Friday. It’s going to be long week!

To all my fellow IMBAs – good luck in your exams. Let’s stay strong, make it through the next 10 days and celebrate in style on the other side.