Richard Barnard current student of the International MBA program – Class of 2010 describes his experience just as Core Period 2 starts:

Core Period 2 is now upon us and it brings a variety of new challenges for the IMBA students to overcome.

The majority of our Core Period 1 classes are now completed, only Managerial Economics, Marketing Fundamentals and Entrepreneurial Management straddle Periods 1 and 2. These 3 subjects have been joined by Cost Accounting, Financial Management, Strategic Management, Operations Management and a non-examined course entitled Creative Management Thinking.

As we were advised at the start of the IMBA programme, Period 2 is where the “crunch” occurs, where the workload skyrockets and the students’ ability to prioritize and manage multiple projects is put fully to the test.

To provide an additional challenge we also change workgroups at the start of Period 2. This forces us to apply all that we learned from the positive and negative experiences of group work in Period 1 to immediate effect, as the deadlines for Period 2 projects start immediately and continue throughout the term.

The key skill we are all developing is how to perform effectively rather than just efficiently. Within the limited time we have outside of classes, workgroups meetings, applying for internships and attending business school organized industry seminars we must develop the ability to absorb, analyze and apply the content as effectively as possible. It puts you to the test.

Term 2 is an examination we are embracing thus far. The pain of the workload is undoubtedly eased by the fun we have when we take a deserved break from our studies. The country-themed dinners are proving popular and with St. Patrick’s Day and the 150th anniversary of Italy’s unification on the same day next week we are ensured of good times ahead. See you all on the dancefloor!