During the International MBA program students have the opportunity to participate in several real consulting projects. The IE Consulting Project (IECP) is offered during the elective period and this April marked the conclusion of the April 2010 class’s IECP where 16 International MBA students presented their final projects to senior management at Unilever.

This year four teams of four students each worked on projects closely aligned with Unilever’s core activities such as Corporate Social Responsibility, Strategic Planning and Process Improvement. In order to complete these projects teams met with senior management but also visited Unilever facilities in Europe.

Duncan McIver, Works Director of Unilever’s Aranjuez facility concluded: “Once again I am extremely impressed with the caliber, professionalism and enthusiasm of the students and the work they have produced. Some projects were more strategic and others more operational, but in all cases the conclusions and recommendations have been practical, and applicable immediately to our business.”

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