Pino Bethencourt

Pino Bethencourt - Professor at IE Business School

IE Business School professor Pino Bethencourt has recently published an article in Forbes magazine, outlining her belief that women can take over boardrooms and executive positions around the world – but only if they are prepared to take the last step.

This last step, Bethencourt states, relates to “mastering the unwritten rules of leadership models” in organizations. Indeed, Bethencourt admits that despite the progress that women have made, top executive teams have been designed “by men and for men” for a very long time, making decision-making processes difficult to change from the outside.

Bethencourt feels, therefore, that women will be able to change these “unwritten rules” once they fill executive positions in sufficient numbers. To get there, however, “women are simply going to have to learn to play the game of power the way men do. At least for now.”

You may read the full article at by clicking here.

As well as being an IE Business School professor, Pino Bethencourt is founder of Bethencourt – Stratetgic Development. Please click here to learn more.