Before starting the first core period, students participate in the LAUNCH module, an intensive training period focused on change at a personal level.

“Think_design: Revolutionize your Space” forms part of LAUNCH and focuses on the close link between Business decisions and Design attitudes. Both Design and Business shape, change, twist, invent, create new worlds in form of new ideas, environments, spaces, objects, services, attitudes and products. As Business ideas change the planet, Business students need to behave as designers and design the new design of the world. Design skills, design attitudes and design thinking are compulsory tools for future Managers. By thinking as a designer, businesses can jump further, discover new human geographies, make decisions in uncertain conditions, detect tendencies, create new human needs, design a whole new life or take life as a prototype. Students see that business decisions are design decisions and design decisions have business implications everywhere.

To learn more about LAUNCH and to see the pictures of the International MBA 2011 class, click here.

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