Florian Wegener, current student of the International MBA program – Class of 2012, talks about the LAUNCH program: Think-design workshop.

During the Launch Program, the Think-design workshop allowed us the opportunity to creatively shape the world around us by putting us into a designer’s shoes for a day. With assistance from architects from the IE School of Architecture & Design, we were guided through the process of design with the aim of positively changing building spaces in and around IE Business School.

Within our International MBA student teams, our goal was to alter the building to better satisfy our needs as International MBA students set in a challenging learning environment: We focused on improving the working and learning environments while making the spaces feel more relaxing and social. With the help of the architects trying to make us think like designers, we explored the building in new ways, observing the spaces with a special focus and asking key questions such as: Where can we improve the composition of furniture, plants, and light? What does the perfect furniture look like?

With the architects motivating us to think differently, we discussed our ideas within the team and developed a model for the chosen area. Over the entire process of creating and designing, our models evolved due to the new needs and the challenges we faced. New objects were created, existing structures were reshaped, thus changing the space and creating the desired environment.

The Think-design workshop was a fun and rewarding learning experience that showed us that there are many similarities between the works of professionals, no matter if they are managers, entrepreneurs, or architects. Design is a very creative and structured process that can be used to shape the business environment.

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