Tell us a little about yourself and your background.

My name is Adriana Garcia Pujol and I am from Barcelona. I have a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration and I also have a Degree in Law. Currently, I am an International Full time MBA candidate at IE. I have almost four years of marketing experience in the FMCG industry, where I have worked for two of the top leading companies.

Why did you participate on the short exchange?

I participated in the short exchange at Nanyang University to become familiar with important aspects of Singaporean culture and society for a better understanding of how to do business in South-East Asia. I liked it very much because I had the opportunity to share different points of views and discuss a variety of topics with some of the top Asian MBA professors.

What did you do?

I balanced both academic and leisure activities: exploring Singapore and a Welcome lunch at Nanyang Business School,  introduction class about South-East Asian Culture, Campus Tour and Company Visit to Exxon Mobile, discussion about the Asian Business Environment, visit to Caterpillar, lectures about the future Business Environments in Asia and the Asian Business Communication and Negotiation.

Tell us about Nanyang University and what the lectures were like

Nanyang Business School offered us global economic perspectives with a focus in Asia. We had highly qualified professors and were placed in a really international campus. Considered as one of the Top 4 Asia Business Schools, it is situated in Asia’s most livable city and world’s 3rd best: Singapore.

Why you would recommend it to other students?

I would strongly recommend it to other students because it gives you a unique opportunity to participate in many activities that introduces you to the business reality in South-East Asia.

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