We met up with Steven, current International MBA student, just before the Christmas holidays. Here’s what he had to say. Click here to read his previous posts.

Hi Steven! What happened last week that you found particularly interest?

Hi! Last week we had a couple of holidays so we have been going out a bit, in fact we went out a little too much and this is something I will definitely take note of in the future because, with all of the work we have, you can’t afford to be tired!

Indeed! Did you catch the Real Madrid – Barcelona game?

Yes, we watched the match in a big group. It was a great game. In fact, our Organizational Behavior professor used the Real Madrid and Barcelona football teams as case studies in different cultures that exist in different teams. Both teams differ a lot in the way they work, with more emphasis on the collective at Barcelona. In that class, we also looked at another case of someone who wouldn’t behave well to his superiors, and it turned out that he had a troubled childhood so he had to teach himself to be forceful and a bit irreverent. However, this behavior was now impeding him from achieving his full potential and he couldn’t change his ways. It showed how a lot of things can affect someone’s actions so you must analyze them together.

What other cases have you been looking at?

My work group actually had our first case study due last week. It was on Starbucks and the problem centered on the difficulties they were experiencing entering a different market. My entrepreneurship work group is also up and running, and we had quite a successful brainstorming session the other day, the results of which you can see in the picture on the right.

Steven's entrepreneurship group

Have you got any plans for the Christmas break?

Yes! I’ll be going home to Belgium and I’ve also arranged a trip to Ireland with a friend. I’m very much looking forward it.

Have a great time Steven! See you in 2012!