Steven - IMBA current student

We caught up with Steven, current Interational MBA student, for a brief chat. Click here to see last week’s installment. 

Hi Steven! What have you been up to since we last spoke?

Hi! This past week I have had some meetings with my Career adviser. Although my ambition after the MBA is start up my own business, learning how to write a convincing cover letter and having a firm grasp of positive interview techniques are valuable life skills. Before we started the program we were asked to answer some questions to get us thinking about what we wanted to do and the meetings I just had were the next step in that process of getting to know yourself better and where you want to direct your career.

Also, elections for the different IE Clubs are happening now and we are choosing the clubs we want to be involved in. I favor the Entrepreneurship Club, which makes great networking as it counts around 5000 students and alumni who are members. The Club has done some amazing things over the last year to inspire students in becoming an entrepreneur. For example, it hosts a weekly event called the Venture Forum where students are able to give a quick pitch and the people attending can provide feedback. Another initiative is the online Trade Forum where people can post their professional opportunities for trading and connect with potential business partners.

And how are your own ventures developing?

Of course it’s very early days still, but I’m starting to investigate the possibility of starting up a bread-making business in India. Now that the standard of living is improving, people in India have different lifestyles and are finding that they have less time in the morning to take breakfast. They need something that will sustain them for the rest of the morning and bread is a good option for this! We’re still looking into the basics of raw materials and the logistics, but it’s a good first step.

Fascinating stuff as always Steven! Anything else you’d care to share with us?

Certainly!  I wanted to share a video that was made by Virgil Esguerra, one of my fellow students. He made this before the program started with the input from all of us and it shows the diversity of the group we have this year. Watch it below!