Hi Steven! Welcome back to IE! What were you up to over the holidays?

Hi! Well, after missing the MBA Christmas party because I felt sick, I went back to Belgium and met up with some old friends and family. With a friend, I went to Ireland where we traveled around visiting the local pubs and celebrated New Year in Dublin. Back to Belgium, I did some course work to prepare for the upcoming projects.

What kinds of projects did you work on?

One of the things I was doing was for our Strategy class where we analyzed the Belgian beer market with our group. I was appointed as the leader for this one (we have a group leader for each project we do) and contacted some people in Belgium, one of which was the director of Belgian Brewers. He explained that the Belgian beer market is quite saturated (contrary to the international beer market, where Belgian beers are still very popular) so the only way to capture more market share is to differentiate or produce at low costs, which ultimately kills the market. There’s also a trend that people are consuming less beer, but when they do they want it to be something special, so many companies are trying to explore these opportunities. He gave me some contacts within the main Belgian brewers to further explore.

And how are your entrepreneurship ideas going?

Well, my team and I have been developing a new business idea called Gongolo that will help you decide what to wear for a particular occasion on the basis of what you have inside your wardrobe. The website will allow you to digitally upload your wardrobe and the software behind it will suggest appropriate outfits and related tips of what to do and what not. Of course, it’s going to require some good programming and it’s in the early stages, but according to our market research there seems to be a legitimate need. Check out our pitch below!

Good luck with that, Steven! See you next week.