Steven has applied for an internship at BCG

Hi Steven! Part of the IMBA program gives you the opportunity to go on internships. Have you been looking into this at all?

Yes I have! Last week I sent my application to BCG and Bain through the Careers Management Center. Although I want to start up my own company, it’s never a bad idea to apply and see what happens. The internships will be starting in the summer so I will lose my holidays, but it’s something that I think I could quite enjoy. I would also love the opportunity to go to the US for a bit. Another option would be to do an exchange program in the US.

What interesting cases have you been looking at?

In our Managerial Economics class we covered a case on the energy problems in California around 2000. It was very interesting because it incorporated many different themes, including the Enron scandal. One of the key learning outcomes was that the state, by partially deregulating the energy industry in California, actually made things worse off than before, when the industry was regulated. This caused electricity shortages for many people and eventually led to the governor of the state being voted out. The class professor is Daniel Fernandez who has a really dynamic way of teaching.

Very interesting! Anything else to add?

Yes! IE celebrated the Chinese New Year a few weeks ago and it was a great event. The Chinese Ambassador came and led a conference and then hosted a nice Chinese dinner, so overall I was left very impressed. These types of events of course show the diversity of IE’s campus and how we are encouraged to interact with different cultures. You can check out a video below. But now, it’s time to study for the exams so see you after this week when I’m done!

Good luck on the exams, Steven and speak with you next week!