Hi Sokho! First of all, tell us about yourself, your professional background and why you decided to come to IE.

My name is Sokho Trinh ( and I was born and raised in France from Chinese parents who were born and raised in Cambodia, and who managed to escape the Khmer Rouge during the Pol Pot Regime in the 70’s in Cambodia. I have lived and worked in 3 continents, and I can speak 7 languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese Mandarin, Cantonese, and TeoChew, and now learning German!

When I was working for Carrefour as the China Corporate Brand Manager, I got transferred to Spain where I was the Internet and New Media Manager, launching up-to-date internet-based technologies creating new revenue streams and offering an integrated marketing solution to the Financial Services & Insurances branch of Carrefour Spain. Whilst I was living in Spain, I wanted to expand my scope of expertise so this is why I decided to study an MBA at IE Business School.

Very interesting background! What are your fondest memories of the program?

People. This is the strongest asset I gained at IE. I remember the amazing students from so many countries, who speak such a diverse range of languages. I learned a lot from them during our class at IE. The interactive group works part of the teaching methods at IE, push your learning curve to its maximum. You actually learn more from your peers during the case studies than in class!  Some of our professors were world class. I had some brilliant professors who made me like what I was learning. Most astonishing is that you learn a methodology on solving issues. And because IE is extremely entrepreneurship-oriented, you get “affected” by this overwhelming entrepreneurial spirit not only in a start-up sense of it, but also in the way you think pro actively, and with lots of initiatives.

What kind of projects have you been doing since graduation and what do you hope to achieve in the future?

I quit the company where I used to work for over 6-7 years and made a stunning jump career-wise. I joined a global technology and Loyalty marketing Canadian-listed Company present in 20 countries called Aimia ISS (, as their Vice President of Business Development, EMEA & APAC. Also, I partnered with an old friend, and launched our global internet start-up which aims at helping people live their dream of moving abroad. More is to come. In the future my hope is to be able to work full time in my own business, and creating a true added value to people in the world looking to change their life by going abroad.

And finally, what tips do you have for people thinking of coming to IE?

If you are looking for a Top 10 MBA, in the heart of a EU capital, with brilliant yet humble and easy going young professionals, AND most importantly, if you want to change something in your life (Career, country, or life), then I genuinely believe that doing your International MBA at IE Business School is the right choice.

Wonderful speaking with you Sokho! Good luck on your new project!