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IE Business School has launched an iPhone App for teaching the Supply and Demand Model.

The purpose of this app is to help students understand the effects of changes in variables of supply and demand, in a microeconomic market under perfect competition.

With this app students can interact with both curves and see the equilibrium point in terms of price and quantity demanded. This tool allows students to complete exercises relating to the subject and put into practice their knowledge. All of this in a very user-friendly manner and through mobile devices: iPhone, and iPod touch (iOS 5.0 or later).

If you are interested in downloading the app click here and contact to enable access. It will soon be available in the Apple Store.

One thought on “Study supply and demand, on the go! Install the new app on your iPhone.

  1. I am looking for this exact thing, however I am looking for an Android version of it. Would you happen to have something like that on the market? I am not getting it when I search on my phone.


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