In a recent online article published by The Economic Times, Peter Bryant , Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship at IE Business School, talks about how a collective organizational memory can be a key tool in building commitment, motivation and loyalty among employees. In collaboration with Nathalie Lazaric and Moustapha Niang of Universite de Nice Sophia Antipolis, Professor Bryant presents an argument that simple changes such as implementing corporate logos or symbols, as well as employee awards can help to increase the overlap between an individual’s personal memory and the organizational one which is believed to consequently lead the greater motivation levels.

“Psychological research has shown that the ways in which we remember the past is important to how we will imagine the future. This frames our goals and helps shape our motivations,” he explains. Not only does a collective organizational memory change how individuals think and act but also how people relate to each other within the organization.

In sum, the greater the overlap of positive personal memories with the collective memory of the organization, the greater the motivation levels among employees – an interesting argument in times of change.

You can find the actual article here!