Q. Hey Steven! What have you been up to since we last spoke?

Hey! Two weeks ago we finished exams so we had a week to relax after that. A lot of people went travelling around Spain but I decided to stay in Madrid to explore it a bit. I discovered lots of nice areas in the city that I haven’t had time to explore until now. Places like Chueca and Malasaña are very lively and I’ve been hanging out with friends a few times at Mercado San Anton.<http://www.mercadosananton.com/>

Mercado San Anton

Q. Glad you have gotten to see a bit of the city! What has been going on in the program?

Before Core Period 2 started we had a one week module called Change in Action. We were divided into teams to work on a project for a Brazilian entrepreneur who owns 14 hair salons, and we had to give her recommendations for how to grow her organization further whilst also maintaining the identity of the company. The salons are aimed at people from the lower income demographic. We used Design Thinking, which is an interesting method to understand the needs and wants of your clients and that helps you structure the creative ideation process. The winners even get to go to Brazil to implement their idea!

Q: And you have now started Core Period 2?

Yes! It was hard to start studying again but we have some new classes now. One of the most interesting courses has been in Strategic Communication by Professor Javier Bernad Santo Olalla, which covered presentation skills. We were given 3 general topics and everyone had to give an impromptu thirty second speech. The professor recorded each one on video to then review and take note of our movements. It was such a great learning experience for me and everyone else in the class as well.

Q: What about Gongolo? 

We’re progressing quite nicely with the business plan. I’ve been conducting interviews with our target audience to see what their needs are. So at the moment we’re doing a lot of primary research to understand the market better because what we want is something that people will find useful. If the need and the demand are there, then it’s just a question of satisfying that with an idea that is practical. However, the market is developing very fast and it seems that other startups are working on similar ideas. See you next time!