Hey Steven! To start off, perhaps you can tell us about 360º feedback that you covered in one of your recent sessions.

Of course! 360º feedback is a self-evaluation technique where feedback comes from all around you. In this case, everyone in the class received an evaluation from all members of the group teams of term 1. They had to list the positive and negative aspects of working with you, and it was quite a personal exercise. Indeed, as it is based on perception, you can’t agree or disagree with their evaluation – it is a fact of their reality. It was challenging although at the same time very constructive and it brought the group even more together in the end. 

Great stuff. Have you attended any interesting events recently?

Yes! In fact I invited a family friend to present at the Entrepreneurship Club. We had about 15 people turn up which was a decent attendance for Friday afternoon. He has quite an interesting outlook because it was not academic but simply based on his own experience as an entrepreneur. He had set up several multi-million generating companies in the past and his lessons were very valuable. For example, he mentioned that it is better to sell to the runner up than to a market leader, since the latter has less incentive to try out new things. Another point was that within the organization, people attract similar people so it is crucial to keep only strong people that contribute to the company. 

And what other interesting initiatives from Entrepreneurship Club?

We came up with a project to organize internships at start up companies for our current students. There is a lot of interest from start ups to hire additional support and, at the same time, this could provide students with a unique experience to have a feeling of working at a start-up. At the moment, we are conducting a survey to see if there is sufficient interest and discussing the issue with the Academic Team to see whether these internships could count for academic credits in the same way as for normal internships at companies. 

And what did you get up to over the weekend. Monday was a day off in Spain….

A friend of mine visited me and, after a turbulent night out in Madrid, we went to Valencia on Saturday to see the Fallas. These are gigantic puppets that are made especially for this occasion and, on Monday, they burn them! Some are really incredible and, because they are burned, it is a unique cultural experience. Here’s a picture of one of them.