…a very special part of my IE experience. The Club was formed by amazing people with whom I have learned a lot about the challenges of measuring business success based on the triple bottom line. Because, really, money is only one part of it. Together we accomplished great things, such as doing the very first edition of IE’s Impact Weekend and the 6th, and very successful, Social Responsibility Forum.

Overall, the discussions I engaged in at IE took me to very interesting self-reflections. Student life at IE is extremely dynamic, with loads of reading and projects to do, nonstop networking opportunities, hearing and speaking many languages and doing tons of things at the same time. An IE student is a “work hard, play hard” type. Most of all, we get out of it just what we put in. So one has to be willing to live it for real. And I find that, to live life for real, one has to be willing to learn about oneself just as much as learning about what’s around.

The IE experience made me realize I didn’t have to wait any longer to take the path I wanted and start my own business right away. It equipped me with the set of soft and hard skills as well as the confidence I needed to take the next step. For those things I don’t quite know it has also expanded greatly my network of friends and business contacts so that I know who to turn to.

A month after graduation I was back at a bar with IE folks, this time at an Alumni get-together in Sao Paulo. We were from many generations of IE alumni and we were all willing to get out of our busy lives to share some time with other IE alumni. Why? Because we know that we will always meet great people there, be it old friends who we share awesome memories with, or new friends and business contacts we would not have met otherwise. That’s IE.

This was the last part of this great story. Thank you Alice for sharing all these great insights with us and good luck with you future goals.