For those who thought “nobody” when reading the stated headline, the following article might be of value. In times when social platforms, mobile apps and internet ventures become more and more preeminent, this example shows that one of the “old school” ways of starting a new venture – trade – can also still flourish, given the globalizing character of today’s societies. “Camel milk exports to EU to start in 2013” – an interesting article with an even more interesting product.

Luckily at IE, we have a Trade Forum, in which fellow IE business owners focus on trading raw materials and finished goods, but also on assisting business expansions and facilitating the search for local partners and/or franchising opportunities.

However, the question in everybody’s mind right now should be: Did you know that camels produce milk?

One thought on “Who said Entrepreneurship should be technology related?

  1. Tian

    Dear author, could you please provide more information about the IE Trade Forum? I’m a IE alumni currently working on this field, and would like to have access to this forum.

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