In his current interview with Matt Symonds of MBA50, Santiago Iñiguez talks about a need to reinvent management, the use of innovation, and how transgressing many of the rules has made IE a special place to work and study. [..]…Education has been focused mostly on traditional, analytical intelligence. This is the way we admit students at Business Schools or in Academia in general. We use tests and admissions processes that are focused on IQ tests or other analytical skills; and we need to identify and assess better other forms of intelligences which include emotional, spatial, artistic, relational forms of intelligence that have to do more with success in real and professional life than traditional forms of intelligence. So we are no experimenting here for example at IE Business School …[…].

Check out the video below to get the full picture.

One thought on “IE’s Dean Santiago Iñiguez about his new book, kangaroos and other forms of intelligences during his Forbes MBA50 Interview

  1. Brian

    The other forms of intelligence (emotional,social, spatial, artistic, relational) must be developed in parallel with the traditional intelligence.You cannot be a successful businessman, for instance, if you do not not how to behave with your clients or staff. I am glad that Santiago Iñiguez focuses on this issue because this is essential for the efficient education.


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