IE Professors – the keepers of knowledge, the guardians of innovation, the gods of entrepreneurship, the Freddy Krueger´s that will haunt you in your dreams just before exams. Ok, some definitions might fit better than others, so call them what you wish. But have you ever wondered what an IE Professor actually does in his or her free time? 

In Professor Joseph Pistrui’s case, they apparently look for a Harley Davidson in a foreign country. Check out the first video of the “The Other side of IE Professors” series which was filmed in Sofia, Bulgaria, last week. Of course, due to having a PhD in Business Strategy & Entrepreneurship, a MA in Liberal Studies as well as a BSc in Business Administration, Professor Pistrui combined his adventurous search with several principles such as next-sensing to explain how companies can get to their next competitive advantage and why often misunderstandings happen before breakthrough-insides.