A personal note about the Global Village from one of our students:

It is the 1st of June, Friday morning, 9am: I am feeling pretty tired but happy and giggling while sitting in our classroom in F001. Garen, our Accounting professor, looks a bit annoyed by the fact that half of the class didn’t show up. An unusual sight for him but he probably forgot: We had Global Village yesterday. 

I’m looking at my arm, still wearing the colorful bracelets and remembering what happened during this memorable event – an IE tradition to celebrate one of the school’s core values – diversity; and with more than 80 countries on campus, you can imagine how “diverse” it truly was. Students from different programs and intakes came together in one place to share their traditions, backgrounds, cuisines and to dance, to smile and grow with each other. 

Author: Bernadett Toth

I tried food from Peru, from Guatemala, Mexico, Ukraine and Venezuela; I watched Brazilians dancing Capoeira, our Indian classmates shaking their hips to Indian rap music, and Colombian’s spicing up the atmosphere with a one in a lifetime salsa performance; just to end up singing and dancing next to my fellow IE-mates to Mexican mariachis. 

Some of us got married in Mexico, some of us got sunburned but what we all have in common is the amazing afternoon we shared and will not forget. Sitting, standing, dancing on the grass in the garden of IE – if you did not attend it you wish you had; if you have made it, you wish it was everyday like that.”