“Injustice, poverty, discrimination, environmental issues, on and on, the list of issues around us can be as long as you wish. It’s nothing new, to a point it has derived a sense of numbness in us. Many of us have read about it, contributed in donation, done a various degree of volunteer work. But are we doing it right? It seems the more we do, the more wrong we have around us. Are we really helping?”

This question is the starting point for an article written by current International MBA alumnus, Raymond Fung.

 “[…] This term, a total of 21 MBA students from three business schools are taking part in this program: 14 to Johannesburg, South Africa (10 from IE, three from LEEDS, one from ESADE), and the other seven IE students are heading to Lima, Peru. We will be working with various non-profits organization, some are international renown, some have really limited resources […].

[…]The upcoming weeks in South Africa will be challenging, fascinating and I will push myself to another level. I don’t think I am ready, I don’t think you will ever be ready before diving in, but one thing I do know is I’m ready to be inspired, so bring it on […]!”

Check out the entire article here and find out what YOU can do to help during the International MBA program here at IE Business School.  Also, check out Raymond´s other post ” What my IE Business School MBA means to me” here!