This post was composed by one of our students, Manu Aggarwal.

“As the summer time loomed in the air and everyone started relaxing a bit, a mass of 400+ students entered the IE Business School in the heard of Madrid, all set to take up the challenges of their last core term. Till date, they had struggled, battled against the tireless exams and the numerous projects and the endless presentations, but now there was a sign of hope for everyone at the MBA would tell them The Hardest Part Is Done! 

Yes, indeed the hardest part was done but only as long as they looked back upon their life. Lay ahead the battlegrounds that would churn them over and over again until they either evolved into the leaders of tomorrow or cowed away back into the darkness of their past. Mark these words, all the future students of IE, no the hardest part doesn’t end with the Strategy and the Marketing and the Finance and all those spearheads of corporate success. A course like this doesn’t let you off the hook anytime so soon. And if you are off then you’re definitely on the wrong track. No, the hardest part is never done! 

The only thing that was done as the summer breeze started swiping the leaves on the street of Madrid, was that the stage had been set for all these bright young scholars to start proving their mettle in the real world. As some of us went back into the corporate world for a brief stint, rest of us piled on and pursued our MBA legacy, preparing even more for the final showdown […].”

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