Did you know that 60% of people like playing games because they are just thrilled by “competition”? They like trading against their friends and colleagues but they lack a realistic platform where to challenge themselves and others. On top of this, when it comes to trading money in the stock markets, people are keeping a low profile due to the current economic situation. In May alone, the volume of the Spanish stock market (BME) dropped 22.5%.  As the BBC recently reported, the Spanish Government recently restricted short selling for 3 months.

A start-up which recently won IE Business School Venture Day and Madrid Emprende Go contests, Invoost, has a solution to keep those interested in the markets an outlet to keep playing. Invoost creates a social stock market game where people can compete against their friends and others to win real money. IT combines the tournament style play and competitive edge of fantasy sports, the setup of a virtual stock exchange, and the thrill of winning money in a single platform. This creates an educational and exciting opportunity for players to gain bragging rights while beating their friends with something at stake.

You can play the game at www.invoost.com and choose from a wide variety of tournaments with different durations (daily, weekly and monthly). Currently, Invoost offers both stocks listed on the Spanish BME and EuroStoxx 50, but in the coming weeks it will open in the UK with stocks on the LSE and also currencies.

Now, we are experiencing hard times… So, why not learn more about the markets while taking advantage of your trading skills to win job interviews and boost your resume with actual results? Take the Invoost challenge!!!!

The team behind the scenes:

Johan Wilsson (CEO) is a successful entrepreneur with 8 years experience in the online game market having started several online companies.

Jonathan Levy (Product Development) holds a BS in Engineering from the University of Florida and is currently an MBA student at IE Business School.

Tyler Maglione (Operations & Finance) holds a BBA from the University of Notre Dame and is currently an MBA student at IE Business School.

Gessica Lomonte (Marketing) Gessica has a Master’s Degree in Translation and just graduated from the Master in Management at IE.

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