Bernadett Toth

Today’s plan: Retiro and then Mexican food – as I am told by my classmates after having finished the first day of  Making Change Happen. It truly seems that at this point during the program we have known each other forever in A1; yet it’s only been about 7 months since we met – 7 months of so many things and shared experiences we had not anticipated. 

After finishing the second term exams on Monday, we all celebrated together in the evening with the other 3 sections in Lolita. Our class representative Matan organized a night out for us to come together and enjoy the after-exam-euphoria. The night turned out to be a lot of fun and made me realize how quickly I was able to make lifelong relationships and bond with others in a matter of months. 

However, as we are about to start the third term shortly and classmates talk about job-hunting more and more, I also realized that time is ticking; our friends, who decided to go and venture abroad through the long exchange option for instance, will depart in couple of months. This means that this third term is the last one we all have to be together in the same class, laugh, live and learn from each other. Time goes by so quickly, and perhaps we tend to forget, in the rush of group meetings and assignments, that our IE IMBA experience is coming to an end rapidly. Though, we still have some time to go, we still have lots to learn and share but really, truly we are already halfway there.