Pablo Esteves from Emzingo recently published an article in The Economist talking about the nature of an MBA, its value and why social impact should be on everybody’s agenda.

Would the economy be better off without MBA students? No. Should we blame the MBAs for the financial crisis? Let’s agree that they are not the sole culprits. Should business schools rethink the focus of MBA programmes and how they are taught? Absolutely, and in a way many schools are already doing this. Is it enough? Far from it […].

 […] Consider the words “positive social impact” alongside business education. I believe that these two will increasingly have more in common. MBAs can contribute more through social impact and entrepreneurship, and we have the capacity to help with economic growth and even alleviate poverty […].

[…]During my MBA I had the opportunity of joining a programme created by a start-up company, Emzingo. This company—founded by three IE Business School MBAs in 2010—was set on bridging the gap between the business and social sectors. The logistics and operation of the programme are fairly complex (I know this because they hired me upon graduation), but the premise is beautifully simple. We select highly driven, socially conscious MBAs and pair them with social entrepreneurs and organisations in emerging markets like Johannesburg, South Africa, and Lima, Peru. For 8-10 weeks, six of them in situ, the MBAs help these organisations with mission-critical issues such as a three-year strategic plan or a sustainable income model […].

 […] MBAs should focus not on doing “bad” but on doing good—going beyond the expected to make an impact in the world, an impact that an MBA degree uniquely prepares them to pursue. Doctors have the expertise to save lives around the world; lawyers can fight for justice in a corner of the world where there is none. Likewise, MBAs can take advantage of their distinct education and practical business skills and have a positive and lasting impact on the world.

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If you want to support Emzingo’s current campaign to raise money for their future projects, just watch the video below and follow this link; it will not take more than five minutes and you can help the people that have dedicated their lives to making the world a better place.