It is arguable that one of IE´s core values, innovation, is a central ingredient and mindset for anybody to lead and anticipate change, and thus foster faster advancements in societies that are in constant flux.

During and after the International MBA program, IE students therefore seek challenges to turn what they have learned into competitive advantages and change drivers – just like IE IMBA graduates Bernadette Aguirre and Arti Sinha. Bernadette and Arti just won the world’s largest and most established online innovation competition that for over ten years has matched the brightest and most creative people from all over the world with leading companies in an experience designed to address most pressing business and social innovation challenges – the Innovation Challenge.

This is the 2nd time that a team from IE has won the Innovation Challenge. For their efforts, Bernadette and Arti have received $7,500 in prize money and have increased their profiles as Innovation Leaders. Congratulations!!!

One thought on “IE Alumni – Innovation Leaders at Work

  1. Guy Kfir

    Two bright professionals, whom I had the pleasure to work with. So lovely to see you there ladies! Continue with your hard work, and make all of us, the class of A2 (and the school), proud!

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