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Throughout the research, application, and decision processes in connection with attending IE Business School, there was an emphasis on the “IE Community.” I didn’t truly understand what this meant until recently.

First, a personal story. For the winter recess, I flew to Switzerland to do some skiing and I happened to run into a Swiss classmate in the boarding line. Though I had met this person just once previously, he invited me to dinner with his family before we even boarded the plane. Then, when my bag didn’t arrive in Geneva, he helped me file a lost baggage claim in French and then offered his home in the event my bags did not arrive and I could not continue to my ultimate destination.  This all based solely on the fact that we are classmates at IE.

Secondly, I don’t believe this generosity is limited to individuals. Winter break wrapped up three days ago, and since rejoining the class, I have noticed that a distinct camaraderie and common sense of purpose has already developed in our short time together. Students across various sections and groups are working together in study rooms, team members and professors are stretching entrepreneurial ideas, and the next slate of social events is collectively anticipated. The program is still in the first term, but it feels as though we already share a valuable experience. 

The intensity of the IE MBA program can have its downsides for sure, but one clear positive is the durable and diverse relationships amongst the intake. Working together daily has given us insight into classroom strengths, but also allowed us to understand each other’s personality quirks, senses of humor, and values. These bonds, more than any project or degree, will last throughout our careers.

One thought on “The IE Experience – An inside Story (Blog Post #2)

  1. Gabriel Olukunle Oye-Igbemo

    I have always known that it will be a very great value added to my life by studying International MBA at IE. It will be an invaluable investment into whereever I find myself afterwards. I look forward to being offerred admission and welcomed at this world class school and it will be a big dream fulfilled for me and my family.

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