Before the actual course (subjects) begins, IE organises the “LAUNCH” program.  The “Launch” program is designed, not to make you learn a particular subject/business topic, but to challenge your way of thinking about a particular problem, to make you realise there are other ways of thinking other than yours (possibly better ways), and break the barriers of your imagination.

From the entire LAUNCH program, two parts have left an indelible mark on my brain:

a)      Revolutionize your Space – This program was conducted by the Dean of IE Architecture School and his colleagues. In this workshop we were divided into teams and given the theme “revolutionize your workspace”. With cardboards, tape, scissors, glue pins etc. we were told to design and make a prototype of your ideal workspace that could challenge or change the conventional norms. My team and I decided to make a prototype called “Eden”, a place where you would have a lazy river with floating pods. Each pod had a separate theme such as “Food POD” Serves the best food in the world, “Music POD” you can listen and play the best music in the world, “Elevator POD” which would take you up to the top of the world and you could see everything. Well this might seem irrational or fancy for any business student but it was all about letting your imagination one thought about electricity before it was invented. 

What I really took away from this was that often business decisions are not based on the conventional methods and time stands testament that some of the best business decisions have been the unconventional ones. Also, we had limited resources (stationery in this case) and we had to design the best possible prototype with that. That’s what business is about right? Designing the best product/most efficient process/the most cost effective solution in a constrained situation isn’t it? 

b)      Basketball Match – I am a sports person and I was the most excited for this particular course. This course was conducted by a former professional basketball player who had won many trophies in Spain. Divided in teams, we were given a few basketball challenges (such as shooting the maximum baskets) and had to compete with other teams. Basketball is a sport that some of us had never played. Thus, during the tasks we had to find out a way to use all the team members efficiently but also find a way to win.  Similar to business, not everyone knows everything and as a team we have to maximise the strengths and minimize the weaknesses. It’s something that we all know but often get caught in our own motives and therefore lose focus of the overall task. Without a “TEAM” the entire organization would collapse.

The reason I wrote this blog is to expose the future students to the innovative methods that IE uses to teach invaluable lessons that will remain with us for the rest of our lives. The subjects and topics covered might seem obvious for a lot of us but when these are taught in an different way they stay with us for the rest of our lives.