Yvonne Krywyj, IE IMBA alumna and Emzingo NexGen Fellow at Zazida Insitute of Entrepreneurship, recently published an article on BusinessBecause in response to a column by Jay Bhatti, 2002 Wharton graduate, who argues that an MBA is not worth the investment unless it comes from one of the top five programs in the US.

Yvonne recently graduated from IE Business School and currently transitions from a legal career into social business or impact investment. At this time, Yvonne consults for Zazida, a postsecondary educational institution for aspiring and early-stage entrepreneurs, and has developed a strategic plan for Zazida to launch a network of online and offline resources for entrepreneurs throughout South Africa. At IE, Yvonne was one of the organizers of the Social Impact Weekend – IE´s social entrepreneurship startup competition.

“[…] Taken as a whole, my MBA was valuable not for the coursework alone, but for the opportunities it afforded me to plunge headlong into the worlds of social business and entrepreneurship in emerging economies. It is these opportunities, rather than the courses or the degree, that enabled me to change location, sector, and function, and land my first post-MBA job in my chosen field, a consulting project at Yunus Social Business. […]”

Click here to read what Yvonne has to say about why her IMBA experience at IE has opened doors for her that she could not have gone through before.