Here is a glimpse of how Entrepreneurship is like at IE Business School – through the viewpoint of Zsofia, a current student of the International MBA Program. She talks about the diversity of her team and the exciting activity they did to brainstorm for their idea!

The video was conceptualized & produced by current students at IE Business School: Zsofia Banuta (producer, director & host), Dave Zinsman (videographer / D.O.P.), Miko David (assistant director, editor). Starring Zsofia Banuta, Danella Canepa, Marcelo Schneider, Tiago Girao and Dave Zinsman from IMBA Class A1.

A BIG thanks to all students involved!!!!–a4o


One thought on “Entrepreneurship at IE Business School – What YOUR Team could be like

  1. Rafa

    Nice! Very nice! Fantastic music and excellent video! Congrats to all of you. Good luck with the prject.

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