IE MBA Aditya Sinha rejected a job offer from McKinsey!

During the IMBA+ period of the International MBA program at IE, students are provided with a variety of options to customize their program to their individual needs. One of these options entails a selection of different internal and external Dual Degrees. Although Dual Degrees are not for everybody, please check out the example of Aditya Sinha, an IE MBA graduate who rejected a job with McKinsey to study a Dual Degree at Yale. A recent article by BusinessBecause paints the story and background of this decision and might help you understand the benefits behind this choice.

“[…] One of the biggest things that factored into my decision was the one-year program: the time-limit. Because I didn’t really want to stay away from the work-force for too long,” he said. “The driving force that drove me to take the IE MBA was its association with the Global Network of Advanced Management. It is a network of MBA universities all over the globe and they had this interesting dual-degree program with Yale […].”

“[…] That really sparked something in my head. The way I figured is that I’d be done in one to one-and-a-half years, I would have an MBA from IE, as well as a Masters in Advanced Management from Yale. That’s like a perfect combination in my head […].”

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