Current IMBA Student Akshay Shah

 “Diversity: the art of thinking independently together” – Malcolm Forbes

The experience during the I-LEAD Program was fantabulous. For, meeting with some of the smartest students from top business schools across six continents at one place doesn’t happen too often in our lives. You would think that you have seen the ‘world’ at IE during your MBA, but when you meet these amazing people, each of whom has a very unique story of his/her own, you realize how incomplete your MBA experience would have been, had you not met them. For instance – I met a student who is working in Latin America, born in the US to a German father and a French mother, attending a Top School MBA program in Europe and now in Australia for the I-LEAD program, speaking English, German, French and Spanish fluently. Phew!! How incredibly fascinating it is to meet and know such people! The interactions among all of us were intellectually stimulating. Within seven days I learned many things that changed my perception about dealing with business challenges. From the CEOs of big multi-nationals to the chief of Fire & Rescue, NSW, leaders from many diverse fields shared compelling and inspiring thoughts throughout this wonderfully organized I-LEAD program that truly motivated us to believe in ourselves as leaders of tomorrow.

Not to mention, Sydney played its unique role in enriching the I-LEAD experience. What a beautiful city! It has everything – from historic monuments to modern skyscrapers, and of course the amazing people!

The seven days at I-LEAD program were the icing on the cake to my MBA experience at IE. I am truly thankful to IE for giving me this opportunity to experience sheer brilliance.