You never know when your life might take a turn and when you and one of your good friends decide to combine the passion you share to start a business. For IMBA alumnus Yoichiro Iwata it took about 4 years…after his graduation from IE´s International MBA program.

JapanToday recently published an article on Yoichiro´s story, in which he and his co-founder explain a lot of things there are to know about their company SKYISTHELIMIT K.K and what their online marketplace for fine foods – FRESCA – is about.

[…]Taro and I established the company as a platform for our business capabilities. The first and key project is FRESCA, an online marketplace for fine foods. From our experiences living abroad, we enjoyed cooking and entertaining at home. In Japan, it was hard to do that. We could not go to the food basements in department stores because we worked late. Also, we could not find certain kinds of quality foods online. Honestly, I don’t buy food on Rakuten because you cannot tell the quality. That’s why we decided to open an online marketplace for fine foods for people like us who enjoy fine foods, but don’t have time to go shopping.[…]

To read the entire article, please click here.

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