As part of the diverse and innovative character of the Intentional MBA program here at IE, students can take advantage of numerous customization options to tailor their IE experience through Spanish language classes, over 80 electives, corporate internships, consulting projects, international exchanges, dual degree programs with for example Yale and MIT, and the IE Venture Lab – IE’s most prestigious startup accelerator.

Students also have the option to embark on a transformative leadership development program in South Africa and Peru that aims to inspire, prepare, and convey the notion of how to good by doing business. IE IMBA Alumnus Raymond Fung mentions in a recent article published by EducationPost that specifically this particular opportunity lead him to see a whole new spectrum.

“It has left me with more questions than I had before. And slowly I realized the meaning of “The more you know, the more you don’t know”. It is also one of the reasons that led me to found my own social enterprise, The Moving Kitchen. While we pursue our goals and build our careers, I think it is important that we also spend some time on self-reflection and realization to truly learn about yourself and also give back to the community when possible.” 

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