Christopher Holman, a current IMBA Nov 2013 Intake student from the U.S. about his IE experience and focus

Current IMBA student Christopher Holman from the U.S. answers some questions about his IE Experience, as part of the November 2013 intake. The interview was conducted by Mitsuhiro Kawashima, another current IMBA student from Japan.

Q1. What did you do before IE IMBA program?

Before I moved to Madrid I was working for a startup technology company in London for the last 4 years.  We created a marketplace for IT services around the UK by building up a network of quality IT engineers and building relationships with companies looking to outsource their IT work.  I performed a number of different roles, since we were a startup, but mainly focused on strategic business development.

Q2. What made you decide to choose IE IMBA program?

Coming from the US I honestly hadn’t thought about pursuing a European MBA.  However, after my time abroad I quickly discovered the value the schools could offer.  The main reasons I chose IE were because of their reputation for entrepreneurship, the diverse student body, the 13 month program, and the chance to live in Madrid!

Q3. What is your favorite part of IE’s IMBA program and/or Club activity?

Interviewer: Mitsuhiro, a current IMBA student and IE Fellows from Japan

I have become really involved in IE’s entrepreneurial clubs and activities.  I think it is great to see how much hype there is about entrepreneurship and innovation at IE, and I am really exposed to that here.  Even though Madrid is not a main ‘hub’ for entrepreneurship, the ecosystem that IE is trying to create is great, it provides a lot of networking opportunities and a lot of exposure to various projects and people.

Q4. What has your experience been so far?

Five months has flown by incredibly fast.  I have met so many great people, learned a lot, had endless amounts of fun, and been able to really focus on my future.

Q5. What’s your future plan after IMBA?

While my plan is not clearly defined just yet, I hope to be involved in a new venture after school and continue as an entrepreneur.


Thanks Chris!