Last month, a couple of our current IMBA students from the November 2013 intake attended the WBD; a highly selective student-organized conference in Germany that is said to be the largest one of its kind in the world. This year, over 1400 students from more than 100 countries applied to attend the WBD but only 300 were selected; 4 of them from IE: Katherine Monteith (Canada), Christina Lein (Germany), Howard Gregory (USA) and Kotaro Adachi (Japan). This year’s topic of “Disruptive Innovation” included over 15 key speakers from industries around the world such as Dr. Rudiger Grube – CEO of Deutch Bahn, Michael Boltman – CEO of Nokia Germany, and Allen Wirfs Brock – Research Fellow at Mozilla Corporation.

Let´s hear from Howard about how he experienced the entire event:

What was your favorite panel or speaker from the conference?

My Favorite Speaker was Michael Bültmann, CEO of Nokia Germany. As disruptive innovation is concerned, Michael and Nokia have a strong past of reacting to current landscapes of the economic environment in order to maintain a competitive advantage. Although, Nokia admits that they missed the smartphone boat, it also holds a strong history of adapting in order to ensure that it is a leader in whichever market it chooses and that the company is confident that it will be able to gain a competitive advantage in its next venture – big data and incorporating it into everyday lives.

Why should IE MBAs attend?

IE MBA’s should attend because the WBD is a great opportunity to gain insights into a specific topic of interest. Disruptive innovation is a very important topic when speaking about entrepreneurial advantage, risk, and success which made the 2014 WBD of particular value to MBA students at IE. I expect that WBD will continue to offer value added discussions on the issues that are changing the world landscape.

Is everyone at the event an MBA?

WBD prides itself on bringing together diverse people from both a worldwide aspect as well as an educational one. Students are present from both undergraduate and master programs. They are brought together through a common goal and mindset, to collaborate on the world’s top issues today while learning more about how they can make an impact themselves in the future.

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