With over 80 nationalities on campus, cultural diversity is clearly a main component of IE Business School. This is something that within IE we feel every single day, from when we discuss topics in class and listen to the varied perspectives of such a multicultural student-base, to when we go down to the cafeteria and hear the buzz of a plethora of different languages.

IE´s Global Village is a way to celebrate this diversity that so much enriches our day-to-day student experience. It is an invaluable opportunity to get to know different cultures better; learning about their traditions, their values, and even their culinary specialties!

In this one-day event hosted on campus, we have the chance to see country representatives and some of our most talented students perform in a fun talent competition where amazement and laughter are ensured. We also get to meet the partners and children of our colleagues whilst listening to great music and trying delicacies from around the globe. The relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere makes this experience one of the most fun and memorable of the year. An experience where diversity is the protagonist and the feeling of unity and companionship in the air makes the IE community come together as one, more than ever.