For many it is a dream come true to have the opportunity to visit the Ferrari factory, even better when invited by the directors themselves. Being from to one of the most prestigious business schools in Europe, Ferrari offered us the opportunity to learn about the legendary company and then give them feedback on what challenges they might face in the future and how they should prepare for them.

Our group of 20 handpicked students flew to Maranello, Italy for a personal meeting with Luca Zanetti (Global Marketing Director), Stefano Saporetti (Director Brand &  Licencing) and Dennis de Munck (Director of Talent Acquisition and Development) who helped us under stand the strategy applied by Ferrari in the market segment to which they belong, the luxury market!

As part of the visit, Dennis de Munck led us on a VIP tour in the areas of production, this tour can be done only by individuals invited by Ferrari as sponsors and customers who are having their cars built; so this opportunity was unique. We also visited areas such as restoration of old cars whose value can exceed 30 million euros. Each one of those cars provides a better understanding of the meaning a Ferrari represents in the customers’ life. All the directors, especially Mr. Dennis de Munck, were willing to listen to our opinions as well as our questions and promoted a comfortable environment for conversation.

A new commitment begins as we now have the opportunity to shine in front of the most important directors of the Italian brand that have placed their trust in IE Business School.

José Acosta

Current International MBA student (April 2014 Intake)