IE IMBA Alumnus Johannes Hinsch from Germany

Johannes, what were you doing before the IMBA and what were your main reasons for pursuing it?

I had worked three years at Mercedes-Benz when I felt the urge to change something. I had actually spent 6 years in total at Mercedes-Benz (three as a student of dual education and three as an employee). Even though I am sure I came up with good reasons why I wanted the MBA in my interview, in hindsight it just kind of felt right to do it. I was 26 then and just could not imagine to continue working 40 more years until retirement. I needed a new perspective.

What did you do during the IMBA?

The first half of the IMBA program was really intense – in every sense of the word. I signed up for the long exchange to Chicago Booth after the first term. Since the term at Booth started very late in September I was able to also do an internship in the summer for 7 weeks. It was just pure (and dumb) luck that I was able to do both – long exchange and internship. Chicago was awesome, if you have the chance, go! But do not expect the same open, international atmosphere there as you will feel it in Madrid. IE is unique in its spirit, I had to go to Chicago to understand that.

Define the IMBA program and experience briefly!

It is intense. That just is the right for it. But it is not only work, far from it. It is also intense for you as a person. There is no way to replicate the experience that the IMBA is. I am a little afraid that a lot of work will be so much fun again – ever.

Johannes, what are you doing at the momento and how did the IMBA contribute in your career development?

I am currently working at McKinsey as a consultant in Stuttgart, Germany. The IMBA contribution is pretty straight forward: No IMBA, no internship. No internship, no job at McKinsey. The IMBA gave me choices that I would not have had if I had attempted a career change without the MBA. The year was also the time I needed to reflect and form an opinion on what I wanted to do.